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A series of photos taken in ordinary places. The places I choose are usually close to my home, but not always. I'm often alone, to reflect, to create, to lose myself.
The technique used is a long exposure which often results as a surprise. Photoshop and Lightroom are used for tonal adjustments, lighting, noise reduction. Sometimes motion blur and texture are added to enhance the dream like image until it just feels right.
Are you looking for striking, unique art for interior design projects? All the photographs are available as fine art prints at custom sizes to suit your needs. Archival prints, canvas, metal or board mounted art is available.
Looking for a certain look, color combination and can't find it in my gallery? Contact me ... more photos are available, as well as custom color design on existing photos, or I will create a brand new image based on your favorite place or theme.
FilamentWinter RiverTehquamenon FallsMosaic StreamUnseen Ways